Dog Bites


Dog Bite Injuries Happen - Let Us Help


A dog bite injury is unique, no matter the size of the physical injury, not just as a matter of Arizona law, but also in the kind of injuries that a person suffers.  At the Rosacci Law Firm we understand this distinction.


Under Arizona Law an owner of a dog is “strictly liable” for all of the injuries that their dog may cause, even if the dog had never exhibited any aggressive behavior.  Although first and foremost, one may sustain physical injury, but that may not be the only type of injury.  It is not uncommon for there to be emotional injury from the traumatic incident which is just as painful, or more painful, than the physical injury.  We understand this, and work with a team of medical and behavior health professionals that can not only treat the physical and emotional injuries, whether or not there is health insurance, but can also articulate the full extent of the person's injuries and impact, both physically and emotionally, on the person and their life.


The key to recovering the maximum that a person is entitled to under Arizona law is having a dog bite attorney that has the knowledge, experience and resources to properly present the claim, and if necessary, take that matter to trial.  Since 2001, the Rosacci Law Firm has actively assisted people, including young children, who have been victims of dog bites in recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation.


No matter the size of the bite, or the age of the victim, the Rosacci Law Firm is here to help.  Dog Bite injury cases are based on a contingency fee, which means attorney fees are not paid until we win your dog bite case. Fee agreements with the firm are in writing.


Our client’s dog bite injury case is not just our passion, it is our mission.


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